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A Great Pool Changes The Way You Live

Part of the key planning strategy for building or renovating your home in the inner city suburbs around Brisbane is ensuring that you not only enjoy the inside of your home but the outside offers you the type of vibrant lifestyle available with careful planning. Too often people would love a pool but don’t believe they have either the room or a suitable site, the philosophy of the team at Olemus is that your new home is only limited by your imagination and if you can see yourself enjoying your new pool then the chances are they can make it happen.

Working very closely with Chris from H2O pools we have in recent months provided two families with their dream pool to go with their new dream homes. The first of these pools sits at the top of what can only be described as a cliff and the height of the pool is equal to that of a 23 storey building. The views from the pool are amazing and the owners describe it as “swimming on top of the world”, the site was challenging and the team at Olemus believe no company other than H2O pools would have been able to partner them in building such an amazing pool in a truly breathtaking location. From day one Chris from H2O pools embraced the project as if it were being built in his own backyard, he managed every aspect from design to construction and the owners assure me that not only is the pool beautiful but extremely easy to maintain and they couldn’t imagine what it would have been like to renovate their new home and not have the pool as part of the project.

Completely by chance I met a lovely family who had recently been informed by the builders who quoted to build their new home that the pool could not be built and the cost to build the associated deck was so prohibitive that it made it all but impossible. The land had previously been used as a rubbish tip and had old car bodies, bricks and all manner of rubbish hidden below the surface. I asked to see their plans and quickly decided that if they wanted a pool than they shall have a pool and the expense previously quoted was simply to avoid facing a difficult task by lazy builders. One phone call to Chris at H2O, a site meeting followed by a number of tests and the pool had been designed, quoted and was ready to go. We worked closely to change the designs of the home to feature their new pool and construction of both pool and home had all begun in a matter of weeks after our initial meetings. Not only had all the issues with the pool and deck been solved but it had also been done at a significant cost saving for the owners.

The above two families worked closely with the team at Olemus and Chris at H2O Pools to achieve results that completely altered the lifestyle that their new homes would offer. Whether you are building a new home or renovating an existing home have a look at some of the pictures on our website at www.olemus.com.au for some ideas on how you can incorporate a pool into your designs. If you already have plans or simply want to explore your ideas further give Rod a call at Olemus to schedule a time at your convenience to meet and discuss your options. For further information on H2O Pools visit their site at www.h2o-pools.com.au , no better reference can come from some very happy customers.