Christiaan’s and Olemus join forces

2 Businesses 1 Goal

Olemus lives and breathes a philosophy of providing our customers a level of service and quality not previously available in the building industry. Our recent expansion into custom bathrooms, kitchens and laundries left us pondering the question of which retailers and suppliers of quality bathroom products share our goals. It felt like a road well-travelled as we met with a never ending list of potential suppliers, each meeting ending with me feeling flat and uninspired by the ‘me too’ attitude from employees going through the motions of justifying a weekly wage. The same products presented over and over again all ending with price inducements for my custom, no one seemed to grasp the concept that we are a little different from most as it is our customers that are the most important part of our business and not us.

As I worked my way through the list I received a call from Alexandra Edwards of ae designs, Alex shares a likeminded approach to business with a focus on customer satisfaction. I mentioned my tale of woe to Alex who promptly told me I should be talking to Christiaan’s. Upon making an appointment to meet with Ben I immediately felt comfortable that at least on the surface everything was heading in the right direction and after meeting I was certain that Christiaan’s and Olemus share the same business principles and a no questions asked quality first approach.

The Christiaan’s studio at Windsor is beautiful and represents exactly who they are in the market, a supplier of high quality products for the most discerning clientele. In an industry flooded with a huge selection of product, Christiaan’s manage to separate themselves from the pack by offering only the best quality product on the market, service that is over and beyond and a technical knowledge that no one can compete with. Their on-site manager, Darren Hardie offers the most comprehensive technical knowledge in the industry and is on hand to guide builders and clients through the job from start to finish, making the whole process seamless and actually enjoyable.

Over the past 29 years, Christiaan’s has been known for offering the most exquisite product selection and having the best service in town, but for also only having a selection of product that can fit at the very top end of the market.

They are now proud to offer a wide selection of bathware that will suit a range of budgets, but never compromise on style and quality. People are looking for alternatives and they have responded with a showroom that offers a concise collection of innovative bathroom product to suit their clientele. They also offer ranges that are young and fresh for budget conscious projects.

I sit writing all these wonderful things about Christiaan’s because I am truly excited to find another company that shares in the Olemus approach. Together Olemus and Christiaan’s will bring to our customers something a little special when it comes to building you a new or renovating an old bathroom, kitchen or laundry. Each and every Olemus customer will benefit directly from having Christiaan’s actively involved in their project.

For further information on Christiaan’s visit their website at or call Rod at Olemus on 0421 636 462 for an initial consultation and meeting at your convenience.