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Should you sell or renovate in Ascot or Hamilton?

With the current uncertainty in the market home owners are faced with difficult decisions about what is the best outcome for their property. Ascot and Hamilton home owners are no exception and statistical data whilst not positive for the area actually helps make the decision easier.

Our homes are often the single largest investment decision we make and we all know that buying and selling in the same market leads to an equivalent long term outcome. Obviously the best strategy is to buy low and sell high but our lifestyle is not always conducive with the timing to make the best investment decision. Home owners in Ascot and Hamilton (unless through necessity) have fewer options than most in the current Brisbane Real Estate market. Over the last 10 years arguably Brisbane’s 2 best suburbs have seen a return of 43% which on paper looks great but in reality not everyone has owned their home for 10 years. A more troubling time has been the last 4 years where the average value has dropped by 7.75% or the last 2 years by 18.65% on a $2 million home that means a loss of $373 000 tax free dollars.

Ascot and Hamilton remain both beautiful and prestige areas to raise a family, 42% or the residents have children and of that many families have children under 10. With great schools in the area and a safe environment to raise a family many parents don’t ever want to leave but sometimes the family has outgrown the home particularly now our children are staying home longer and marrying much older.

These families have the most difficult decision, do they sell or renovate? Whilst the decision may seem complicated it should in fact be the easiest decision to make for residents of these great suburbs. To sell in the current market can mean huge capital losses or a downgrade in lifestyle, neither of which through careful planning need apply. Modern building techniques and significant improvements in technology have opened the doors to cost effective renovations that are only limited by your imagination.

Home Builders and Renovation experts like Olemus Pty Ltd can often find solutions for your property in areas others thought impossible. The team at Olemus are known for thinking outside the box and working with home owners to both achieve and build their dreams. From concept to design and ultimately construction you become the sole focus of the team as they work exclusively with you to achieve the best outcome for your home. Cost and budget remain a focal point in all decision making processes and in todays market the outcomes can often be achieved at an amount less than the amount you may otherwise lose by selling your home. The forgotten costs in selling of Advertising and Agents commissions along with Stamp duty and legals mean it makes much better economic sense to modify your home through renovations and alterations. There are some great examples of owners that have faced similar decisions on the company website at , if you like the before and after shots and would like more information on the potential for your home give Rod a call to discuss your options.

Ultimately the decision to Sell or Renovate in Ascot and Hamilton becomes an easy one when you realise the true potential that your home has to offer.

About the Author

Rod Pym has been investing in Property for 25 years, he specialises in helping people recognise the greatest potential for their own property and making their dreams a reality. Building and Developing in the inner city suburbs of Brisbane Rod’s portfolio of residential homes is both extensive and unique. He has an ability to make challenging jobs and sites seem simple and stress free.

Olemus, builders and developers (based in brisbane) core purpose is to help clients reach the true potential of their property dreams. We have built and consulted on homes throughout South East Queensland, with a display home in Wilston and numerous luxury properties throughout Hamilton, Ascot, Wilston, Windsor, Clayfield, Paddington, Bardon, Balmoral, Hawthorn and Bulimba the chances are when you drive past and say “Wow – look at that home” it will be an Olemus Home. Olemus is a Boutique builder offering levels of luxury and refinement for the most discerning clients. Call Rod on 0421 636 462 to discuss your opportunity.