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To buy, build or revonate in Brisbane?

The most important decisions about whether to buy, build or renovate in Brisbane are often the decisions we spend the least amount of time considering. The search for the perfect house is near impossible as each of our preferences is personal and not shared by the owner of the home before us.

There is only one certainty in Real Estate and we all recognise that position is everything, there have been television shows dedicated to location, others focus on renovation and Home Improvement but the one single item that everyone agrees on is that the most important factor is position.

Position is everything when choosing Real Estate in Brisbane, even when making the ‘renovate, build or buy’ decision.

We all place emphasis on different things when considering what parts of position are most important to us:

  • Do we want to live close to the Brisbane CBD (within 5km)?
  • Do we need to live close to where the children will go to school?
  • Do we want to live close to the water?
  • Do we want to live near the beach?
  • Is living near public transport important?
  • Does the position of our home provide lifestyle options?

All of the above relate directly back to position, consider when choosing to Buy, Build or Renovate which of the above are important to you, however don’t ever forget which of the above will be important when you sell your house as this is when your decisions make you a Property Investor and not simply a Property Owner.

House prices go through cycles but the one constant is they always go up given time, the rate at which they go up relates back to position and an easy way of considering where to spend your money for the highest return is stay close to the city as supply will always be low and demand always high.

Every home is a blank canvas with design limited only by imagination and budget, find the right position and seek professional advice on your options before making the critical decision to Buy, Build or Renovate. Olemus offers a consultancy service to help provide you with options – especially for inner city build or renovation opportunities in Brisbane’s best suburbs, your individual needs are considered and advice provided to support your lifestyle and goals.

The Brisbane housing market is currently low and now is the time to capitalise on opportunity, when the Market turns it will recover quickly and those who invest now will achieve the highest returns. Increasing confidence with a new state government and an upswing in economic conditions, along with improved affordability, suggest that prices should stabilize over the next six months before starting to edge upwards.

One encouraging sign is that first time buyers and investors are back, applying for loans at levels not seen for two years. Remember, first time buyers are typically a good barometer for changes in affordability.

The one thing that all Property Analysts continually agree on is that the closer you are to the city the higher the capital gain will be on your property. The word compromise is used too regularly in the property market and it is the one thing you should never do when considering your future.

The top end of the market remains buoyant and in reaching your decision to Buy, Build or Renovate don’t forget that quality and position are two areas that should always stay central in your decision making process.

About the Author

Rod Pym has been investing in Property for 25 years, he specialises in helping people recognise the greatest potential for their own property and making their dreams a reality. Building and Developing in the inner city suburbs of Brisbane Rod’s portfolio of residential homes is both extensive and unique. He has an ability to make challenging jobs and sites seem simple and stress free.

Olemus, builders and developers (based in brisbane) core purpose is to help clients reach the true potential of their property dreams. We have built and consulted on homes throughout South East Queensland, with a display home in Wilston and numerous luxury properties throughout Hamilton, Ascot, Wilston, Windsor, Clayfield, Paddington, Bardon, Balmoral, Hawthorn and Bulimba the chances are when you drive past and say “Wow – look at that home” it will be an Olemus Home. Olemus is a Boutique builder offering levels of luxury and refinement for the most discerning clients. Call Rod on 0421 636 462 to discuss your opportunity.