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Wilston Stands Out From The Crowd

In times where the majority of news stories and people are being negative in relation to property values it is hard to find anything wrong with the trends within the inner-city Brisbane suburb of Wilston. You only need drive the streets to see the amount of construction and investment in the suburb, streets such as Prospect St, Scriven St and Heather St are full of workmen’s  vehicles as numerous homes are being renovated or completely rebuilt.

The latest data shows Wilston with an average value increase of 26.1% to the end of October 2012, The Courier Mail recently reported Wilston as the second best performing suburb in Brisbane placed only behind the more rural setting of Brookfield, as far as Brisbane inner city values are reported Wilston stands out from the crowd as the overall best performer.

Investing in your own home is arguably the safest place for your money as ultimately it is one of the few areas where you have total control. When an area like Wilston sees steep increases in values it becomes easier for you to unlock the equity in your home and make the changes often required to keep up with your evolving lifestyle. As children grow needs within the home change, individual space becomes important to both study and often for parents sanity. Questioning how to best cope with these needs is something that everyone faces at some stage in life, in a great performing suburb like Wilston the answers are that much clearer and solutions significantly easier to find. As your property value goes up so does your equity and our banks love seeing clients with increased equity and reduced risk. When the property is located in high performing suburbs the lending institutions will take into consideration any money you plan to spend on the property and add it to its already increasing value unlocking sufficient funds to cover the cost of planned changes or renovations. With interest rates declining often a complete renovation of your home can be achieved without an increase to your monthly mortgage payment.

The associated costs with selling your home and purchasing a new property can often equal the amount you would otherwise spend on renovating your existing home to satisfy the goals you were striving for in purchasing a new home. If in your opinion your home is beyond renovation but you love the suburb, demolition can become a possibility and building a brand new home on the existing site a reality to achieving your perfect home.

Building companies such as Olemus Pty Ltd that are based in Wilston can provide advice and ideas for your existing home, the company keeps a newly renovated home also in Wilston available to show you the latest designs, ideas and building materials to help you better understand the options available to you and for your home.

With a standout group of restaurants and many of the conveniences needed all found in Wilston Village it is easy to see why people are placing increased demand for living in such a vibrant community. Wide tree lined streets and an ever improving number of houses makes for a fantastic suburb, the local schools are some of the best and the close proximity to Brisbane’s best private schools makes Wilston arguably Brisbane’s newest prestige address.

If you are considering building a new house, renovating your existing house or just wanting to discuss your options and get some ideas contact Rod at Olemus Pty Ltd for a chat anytime.